Data Centre Backflow Prevention Optimising water supply to data centres


Across the globe, large data centres house the servers that power our internet lives. These vital systems maintain the servers that host our favourite websites and social media. Large data centres rely on complex cooling systems to maintain the optimum temperatures for this essential equipment. Keeping the world connected is an important job and even minor service interruptions can cause significant problems for organisations who rely on them.

Detailed Description

Data centre buildings are carefully constructed to ensure they can support the long-term operation requirements of the essential equipment they house. The water supply requires absolute reliability to ensure that the chilling systems are operating at their optimum levels. Backflow prevention is an important part of any chilled water system as it ensures that any contaminated water from the system does not mix with the main water supply. This helps to ensure that the system can work uninterrupted and safely. For this project, our BA 4760 drinking water backflow preventor and leadfree water service vacuum relief valves are installed to deliver safe backflow prevention to ensure the drinking water is kept contaminant free. James Turner. National Key Account Manager for Watts explains: “Effective backflow prevention is a key component of these vital data centres that keep the digital world running. Whether it’s delivering only the backflow prevention or support to provide chilling using other products in our SOCLA range, our products are in use in data centres across the globe.”





January 2021