Microflex | Pre-insulated flexible piping system


Watts owns an excellent technical assistance team that was able to address the customer for the right choice of the piping system’s choice based on the types of their systems, needs and the geography of the territory. The works are ending within the end of 2019.

Detailed Description

Microflex® from Watts (pre insulated flexible piping system) had been choosen to build the villages, water/sanitary/heating/cooling systems. Thanks to the low weight and high flexibility, the pipes are easy to lay and have allowed the installer to easily carry out a small excavation, in not simple ground conditions. The possibility of inserting pipe connection-joints realized a long underground path to overcome obstacles with agility, to create curves and changes to direction. They have been connected the Microflex® pipes in 3 buildings, in an area with the SPA and horse stables, using 5895 meters of piping systems with different applications: underground transport of hot fluids (centralized heating systems with a maximum working temperature of 95°C), cold (drinking water, feeding industrial plants, swimming pools) and cooled fluids. Watts supplied an excellent technical complete range of piping systems (MICROFLEX® UNO, MICROFLEX® DUO) that allows to adapt the system for all his requirements. The excellent insulation and performance of Microflex® product were the main selected features by the customer.



Spain, Campo at Palma de Mallorca


Hotels, Lodging …


January 2019