OneFlow w Miko Koffie Noord


Since its founding in 2002, Miko Koffie Noord has been working to provide a great cup of coffee for everyone in the Northern Netherlands. From the city of Gieten they do everything to make your coffee taste great every day. With their own technical department and an active sales team, they can put out a great product, in coffee, in equipment, in tea, tableware and more. Every day they make every effort to make your coffee breaks as enjoyable as possible. The technical specialists on their service team traverse the entire Northern Netherlands every day, ensuring timely maintenance of your coffee machines and quick resolution of any malfunctions.

Részletes leírás

In the Netherlands, there are many regions where the drinking water contains high concentrations of lime, causing problems with limescale in pipes and on appliances. For Miko Koffie Noord, limescale is a real problem when renting out their coffee machines, because limescale inevitably results in regular breakdowns and therefore extra interventions by the service team (sometimes up to 4-5 times a year). Miko Koffie Noord started looking for the solution to solve the problem with limescale and the associated interventions. Of course, the solution was not to affect the taste and smell of the coffee. Therefore, traditional saltbased water softeners did not appear to be a viable solution. After a search, they finally arrived at Watts and its innovative scale control system OneFlow®. The compact OneFlow® version with a flow rate of 4 liters/min, suitable for protecting a separate unit, ultimately proved to be the ideal solution. Indeed, OneFlow® does not add salt or chemicals, but thanks to its innovative operation based on TAC media, the water composition, especially hardness and Ph value, remains unchanged.
So for a coffee machine, this is the perfect solution. Miko Koffie Noord tested the OneFlow® system for 1 year and during this period no failures due to limescale were observed, as no limescale was present in their appliances anymore. OneFlow® is now fitted as standard by Miko Koffie Noord when they rent out a coffee machine, which means an enormous time and cost saving for them: interventions due to limescale problems are no longer necessary, and the coffee retains its unique taste and aroma.


The Netherlands, Gieten