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Marco Nocetti’s installer fitted the OneFlow® system, purchased from Cambielli Edilfriuli in Modena, in his customer’s domestic water system. The 135m2 home with 6 rooms is located in a block of 5 apartments, and the OneFlow® system is connected to the main cold water riser, which therefore treats all of the apartment’s water.

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The OneFlow® system removes limescale deposits, prevents their build-up and keeps pipes and systems free from limescale. This extends the service life of domestic appliances and enhances the efficiency of the water system. It does not require the addition of any salts or chemical products and does not generate any waste water. The product is very compact and easy to install. It can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted and works without electricity. All you need to do is change the anti-scale cartridge every two or three years, depending on the model. It also removes any limescale that was already in the pipes before installation.

The customer’s experience

Lots of advantages in installation
The tap water in their home was becoming a problem for the Nocetti family. As well as adversely affecting the plumbing system and domestic appliances, the high concentration of limescale was also damaging the washbasins, tiles and taps with unsightly stains and limescale deposits that were difficult to remove. You could even feel the hardness of the water when taking a shower or just washing your hands, and nobody ever wanted to drink it. The installer recommended fitting OneFlow®, an innovative filter that removes and controls limescale.

“The biggest benefit I saw when using this product,” explains Nocetti, “is how easy it becomes to clean your pipes and taps. Calcium and magnesium carbonates find it hard to stick to surfaces and build up on the chrome finish of the taps, so I can remove stains easily and keep my taps clean for longer.

I also noticed that appliances like our washing machine and dishwasher don’t need nearly as much detergent (they use about 50% less than before)”.

Green vision
“Another major benefit,” continues Marco Nocetti, “is that we can now drink the tap water instead of buying mineral water like we used to. This saves an enormous amount of waste plastic, avoids the chore of stocking up on mineral water all the time and actually gives you a better product than you get when you buy bottled water. There are going to have to be some big changes, because it won’t be long before we have to reduce our consumption of fresh water because it’s a vitally important resource that’s only available in limited quantities. The situation is already difficult in many parts of the world, and if we don’t take action now, it could become difficult in our part of the world too.”
Nocetti, who takes a keen interest in the system’s green credentials, suggested to Watts that they could implement a recovery and re-use programme for the special resins in the product, to ensure correct disposal.

The OneFlow® system marks a decisive step towards the widespread use of devices with low environmental impact that cut the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

Health benefits
The most important benefit from my point of view, explains Nocetti, is that the water I’m drinking now is better than what I used to buy at the supermarket. Now I drink tap water, and thanks to the OneFlow® system, essential minerals like calcium and magnesium stay in it.

Installation tips
In order to install the product quickly and effectively, you are advised to measure the dimensions carefully, even though the the filter is extremely easy to install and is compact enough to fit in any home.

Knowledgeable Watts sales staff
The technical support team were able to give the customer and the installer the guidance they needed to choose the best solution for their needs and for the characteristics of their water system. The relationship with sales staff is always excellent and constructive.

“In the light of this experience,” continues Nocetti, “I’ve realised you can gain lots of benefits at very little cost. Drinking good-quality water out of your own tap, without altering its composition and while saving tonnes of unnecessary waste plastic and surfactants, is a huge advantage all round.”

A big success for the customer, who now recommends it to everyone

My whole family, who use this product every day, are firm believers in its benefits. Before they tried it, they didn’t believe it could eliminate limescale and keep the water quality intact.

Whenever I get the chance, I talk to my friends and acquaintances about it, and I tell them about how it works, what it does and all the field-tests that have been carried out on it. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would definitely give this product a perfect 10.

I haven’t actually kept records because it would have been a bit tricky, but I’m pretty sure I’ve saved a decent sum of money. If I had a second home, I would definitely buy another one!


Italia, Cogneto di Modena


December 2019