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The 42-litre OneFlow® system was installed in the central heating system of a large detached house in Rome, by connecting it to the cold water inlet for domestic water distribution.

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The installed product

The OneFlow® system removes limescale deposits, prevents their build-up and keeps pipes and systems free from limescale. This extends the service life of domestic appliances and enhances the efficiency of the water system. It does not require the addition of any salts or chemical products and does not generate any waste water, which is essential for anyone with a focus on technologies aimed at improving sustainability. The product can also be installed in existing systems because it can remove limescale already present in pipework.

Installers' experience

Improved water quality is the most common request that technicians receive from customers. Nowadays, users are very well-informed and want clean, innovative technology with an enhanced respect of the environment. More and more people are demanding to live in a healthy environment that safeguards the planet. Young couples and families know that the water circulating in their home is a precious resource. People have become more mindful of avoiding waste, and want to drink tap water because they know it is healthy and reliable, wash without residue remaining on their skin and fixtures, or ruining domestic appliances.

This is confirmed by Marco Cerquozzi, joint owner along with Mirko Costantini of MC2 Idroclima, a company that has been operating in the plumbing, heating and air-conditioning sector for many years, and works in partnership with Watts. "One of the requests we now get from customers during the system installation phase in houses relates to water quality. We often get asked for systems that don't alter the water so it is drinkable."

Tap water has a high concentration of limescale, which creates problems for installations and domestic appliances, and fouls sanitary ware and showers. The decision to install the innovative OneFlow® filter in a large detached house in Rome has made it possible to remove and control limescale and improve water quality.

“We chose OneFlow® because it is a system that controls water hardness by maintaining the amount of mineral salts it contains, states Marco Cerquozzi. Calcium and magnesium carbonates do not stick easily to surfaces, preventing fouling."

The resulting tap water is so good that it can be consumed instead of purchased bottled water, encouraging to reduce plastic waste. With OneFlow®, Watts has created a product in line with an ecological approach, helping to cut the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

Quick installation

"The product is very compact and easy to install. It can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted and works without electricity", states Marco Cerquozzi. "In this case the product was installed in the house's heating system by connecting it to the cold water inlet for domestic water distribution. Installation was simplified thanks to the very stable fixing bracket provided, which enabled the product to be positioned more quickly. All customers who have used this system have been delighted with it, and have appreciated the quality of the product."

Installation tips

“To install the OneFlow® system effectively, you are advised to measure dimensions carefully", continues Marco Cerquozzi. "Installation is very easy and the filter is a handy size for fitting into any type of flat or house, however large. A convenient product feature is the minimum maintenance required, with the anti-scale cartridge only needing to be replaced every two or three years, depending on the model and amount of limescale present in the water supply”.

Knowledgeable Watts sales staff

We have been working with Watts for some time, and the customer support team was able to guide us in purchasing the best solution on the basis of requirements, and the characteristics of the end customer's system.
In consultation with our customer service department, Marco Cerquozzi also suggested various improvements, by asking for brass shut-off valves to be included in the kit provided.

A big success for the customer, who now recommends it to everyone

“I would recommend the OneFlow® system to anyone, thanks to its specific characteristics that remove limescale and maintain water quality. Apart from it being quick to install, the product is effective because it is virtually maintenance-free, with cartridges that only need to be changed every 2-3 years depending on the model, providing a considerable benefit for customers. This view is shared by my associate Mirko Costantini, who has observed numerous benefits in particular during installation phases."

I had my reservations initially, having never installed this type of product before, but once I tried it I liked it, and have installed various models from the range in large houses and different types of flats.


Italia, Rome