Hospital facility in Campania - Italy

As part of a plan to renovate and refunctionalize a number of hospital facilities in the Campania Region of Italy, EDS S.r.l., a company with specialist expertise in systems engineering, was asked to undertake and oversee the construction of a new HVAC system for a hospital in Naples.

Having made a careful analysis and technical evaluation of the needs indicated by the hospital, EDS S.r.l. designed and built the fluid distribution plant, which was installed on the 4th floor of the building, laid out the pipelines and terminal units on the lower floors, and finally, made the connections between the new cooling system and the existing heating system.

The works were completed in 6 months by EDS S.r.l., whose engineers installed SOCLA Xylia2 butterfly valves, designed for on/off control of fluids in HVAC applications, using various diameters (DN50, DN65, DN80 and DN100).

The butterfly valve is a popular component widely used in systems everywhere, notably heating and air conditioning installations, especially where space tends to be at a premium, as is typically the case in heating systems.

Products carrying the SOCLA brand, owned by Watts, are guaranteed technically fit for purpose, reliable and safe, which is why the Xylia2 butterfly valve represents the best technology available to installers, in terms of efficiency and competitiveness.

More exactly, Xylia2 butterfly valves are among the latest generation of components featuring compact design. The body is made of ductile iron (GGG40), whilst the disc is available in epoxy-coated ductile iron (GGG40) or stainless steel. Every valve is fitted with an EPDM liner, and a riveted metal label attached to the body ensures easy identification and traceability.

Thanks to their simple design and the strength of the materials used in construction, Xylia2 valves adapt readily to the needs of HVAC systems, guaranteeing excellent sealing performance, longer life and ease of installation.

What the customer says

The design engineer from EDS s.r.l. who oversaw the works has no doubts in the matter: "Excellent resistance to vibration and the high quality of ductile iron make the Xylia2 butterfly valve ideal for this type of project. In addition, the EPDM rubber liners guarantee optimum resistance to weathering agents and superior mechanical performance, not to mention a maximum operating temperature that can be as high as 120 °C”.

The customer-friendly approach taken by Watts was fundamental in bringing the project to a successful conclusion, meeting all deadlines and providing dependable after-sales service throughout.”


EDS S.r.l., specialist designer-contractor in the systems engineering sector



HVAC system for a hospital.



Xylia2 Lug-style butterfly valve



Naples, Italy