hot water tank protection and longevity


Issue : On a new individual housing construction program, thermodynamic hot water tank has been selected of source of domestic hot water. An active protection of hot water tank must be implemented in order to avoid any excessive pressure and ensure hydraulic circuits longevity

Detailed Description

The installer :
Proclim : : knowed player of La Rochelle area in sanitary and HVAC projects.

Products for the construction site were delivered by "OL-TERM" Rudziński Trusielewicz Sp.J. The products were delivered to the site in March/April 2023. The works were carried out in April 2023.

Solution implemented :
SFR® 3/4'' INOX Safety Group + discharge siphon

Why SFR® Inox Safety Group:
  • Easy to install
  • Active protection of hot water tank against excessive pressure
  • Durability when facing hard water
  • Hydraulic circuits longevity

Voice of customers :
Installer Proclim chose SFR® Inox Safety groups thanks to its "easiness to install and its durability whan facing hard water".



France, Fouras


Residential Single Family


December 2022