1600 meters of Microflex pipes for hot water installation


- over 1600 meters of Microflex pipes

Detailed Description

The contractor for the replacement of the heat distribution network at the estate of Colonel S. Dabka in Gdynia was Interkop S.C., which acted on behalf of OPEC Gdynia. Pre-insulated piping with self-compensating properties, manufactured by the WATTS company, intended for PN 10 sanitary systems – more specifically Microflex UNO SAN PN 10 pipes with diameters ranging from 125/32x4.4 to 200/110x15.1 - was used. In total, over 1,600 meters of pipes and fittings were delivered to the construction site. In addition to the pipes, the fittings of the Microflex system were installed during the replacement, including: MJ341 transition couplings, MJ130 tees, MJ90 elbows, MJ70 reducing nipples, along with insulating shells, elbows, VW-type reducing couplings, MS-type pipe ends made of PE-HD, MK heat-shrinkable end caps, Micro Seal wall feed through, MTRW tape, etc.

Products for the construction site were delivered by "OL-TERM" Rudziński Trusielewicz Sp.J. The products were delivered to the site in March/April 2023. The works were carried out in April 2023.

The below photo was made during the implementation. Next to the pre-insulated pipes in a blue HDPE cover, steel pipes supplying the buildings with high-performance heating medium can be seen in the excavations (these pipes were also replaced at the same time).


Poland, Gdynia


Residential Multi Family


April-May 2023