Microflex saves a school year


Microflex Pipe Restores School Heating System


A hot water pipe in the central boiler room, running underground where the steel heating system was installed, unexpectedly burst on December 3rd, 2023. The steel pipe, left unmaintained in the underground supply channel, rusted over time due to high humidity, causing issues in the elementary school's heating system. The primary goal was to quickly repair the damaged heating pipe to ensure the school could operate without interruptions.

Problem Solution

The old steel heating distribution was replaced with a new system promptly after the incident. We utilized a pre-insulated Microflex UNO Primo 125/63x5.8 plastic pipe system, measuring 19.5 meters in length, provided by TECHINS s.r.o., located at Novozámocká 102, Nitra. This solution swiftly restored heating to the school, enabling 164 students from 1st to 9th grade and 17 teachers to return to their classes without further delay.


Slovakia, village Lehota near Nitra



Elementary school 


December 2023