Microflex - School in Marseille


Issue : For IRSAM boarding shool, its substation is linked to the central boiler room through steel pipes (around 120 meters of pipes). The way it was installed did not allow independent hot water distribution management per building. They need to transfer hot water from central boiler room to boarding school and reduce thermal loss.

Detailed Description

The installer :
H. Saint-Paul, installer with more than 60 years of expertise in installing and maintaining heating systems.

Products for the construction site were delivered by "OL-TERM" Rudziński Trusielewicz Sp.J. The products were delivered to the site in March/April 2023. The works were carried out in April 2023.

Solution implemented :
120 m of Microflex® Uno DN 63 + accessories

Why HKV Push’n’Go

  • Easy to install
  • Microflex® availability off the shelf and cutting service on demand
  • Watts service: help for design and quotation
  • Few thermal loss thanks to a pre-insulated pipe
  • Pipes durability and longevity

Voice of customers :
Installer H. Saint-Paul selected Microflex® pre-insulated pipes thanks to its “durability", "thermal loss limitation” and "quick availability on worksite ".



France (13), Marseille




February 2023