Energy efficiency in a medical products manufacturing plant in Brescia


A major medical products manufacturing plant in the north Italian province of Brescia (Italy) is now enjoying the benefits of Sylax butterfly valves designed for water treatment and fluid control applications.

Detailed Description

The new HVAC plant

The project was handled in two parts: HVAC plant and exterior pipework. The system serves an industrial building of approximately 6000 m2 in size. Air treatment and distribution are carried out by 35 air handling units. An HVAC control system ensures appropriate temperature control and ventilation of the premises 24/7/365,with optimized energy consumption.

“The choice of SOCLA valves allowed us to create the best solution to build the HVAC plant correctly to achieve stability, efficiency, and considerable energy savings", explains Guido Turini. "Sylax butterfly valves offer differential pressure resistance of up to 16 bar, with spherically machined profiles to eliminate valve disc friction and ensure excellent tightness and long service-life”.

The Socla valves in the HVAC plant are installed in conjunction with components such as pump and mixing units, probes, and safety devices, all coordinated to guarantee constant and precise control of the system.

The system was created using welded stainless steel pipe, with the SOCLA valves mounted on aluminium flanges.

The installer's experience

Easy installation and durability
“Sylax valves meet a wide range of requirements – says system contractor Luca Fabris – and offer reliable actuation thanks to their self-lubricating bearings. The spline driven one-piece shaft allows highly effective floating assembly of the disc for longer service-life, optimal tightness, and improved actuating torque. Because the products are well made, they don't give rise to problems during the installation process”.

Modern heating systems are expected to offer continuous operation, rapid servicing, and low running costs and Watts has the necessary technical know-how to provide a complete range of components for guaranteed control and efficiency.

Watts offers a wide range of Sylax valves, allowing the use of different diameters: DN80, DN125, DN65 in the HVAC plant and DN100 on the exterior pipework.

Quality and reliability

Sylax valves meet very high specifications and are tested in compliance with the main European certifications, allowing us to provide a five-year warranty", explains Guido Turini. "A range of products associated with the highest level of reliability in the eyes of the installer. The company offers technically valid products and dependable after-sales support.

Watts recommended by the installer

“I recommend Sylax Valves – concludes system contractor Luca Fabris – because of the benefits they provide during the installation process and because they’re top-notch products. The characteristics of Watts systems, including their fast fitting and practical installation, have optimised work procedures. Watts combines the guarantee of a major manufacturer with a competitive price. We fit these valves also in other systems precisely because of their practicality, straightforward installation and many different functions.



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