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The Powerseat® Eco electro-hydraulic gas shut-off valve allows the control and safety shut-off of low-pressure combustible gases in pipes from 40mm to 250mm, whilst focusing on being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The Powerseat® Eco shut-off valve is kept open by a hydraulic pump where hydraulic fluid is forced into a cylinder driving the valve open.

Detailed Description

Powerseat® Eco works to deliver safe gas supply to a local hospital. This ensures that in the event of a fire at the hospital, the 10-inch gas main is secured and unable to become an additional risk.

Powerseat® is ideal for this environment because when an issue detected in the hospital system, such as an electrical malfunction or a drop in pressure, the power is automatically cut to the valve. Removal of power causes the relief valve to open and the safety shut off valve to snap shut, and the gas is prevented from reaching the malfunction, therefore protecting the hospital and the gas source.

James Turner, Regional Sales Manager for Watts explains: “Hospitals are complex environments that rely on the safe supply of different gases to deliver healthcare. Powerseat® works quietly in the background delivering energy efficient gas safety.

This hospital needed a new actuator for their system quickly and we were able to deliver this within 48 hours. This minimised the risk of disruption to patients and staff as well as reducing the need for their temporary solution of a member of staff manually monitoring the gas location in case of a fire.”



United Kingdom


Healthcare & wellness


September 2020