Pump units and manifolds


Home comfort with underfloor heating
Several homes in the villages of Llafranc/Begur/Pals have been equipped with new underfloor heating systems. HK8180 pre-assembled pump units and VB32 manifolds were installed in the boiler unit. 

“A solution – claims the customer – that allows us to guarantee thermal comfort, energy saving, and the maximum reliability of the heating system.

Detailed Description

Comfort starts from the boiler unit

Watts HK Series pump units are the solution for ensuring direct circulation of water in the heating and cooling system, facilitating fluid circulation in line with the requirements set by the thermostat.

The installed unit draws the heat-carrier fluid from the primary circuit and transfers it to the terminal units on the secondary circuit in accordance with the heat output demand from the connected heating zone. The pump guarantees the required pressure head for circulation of the heat-carrier fluid in the secondary circuit. The flow and return temperatures of the fluid in the secondary circuit are shown on the built-in thermometers in the shut-off valves and visible also with the insulation installed.

The flow shut-off valve is equipped with a gravity flow stop system, which prevents natural circulation when the pump is stopped. This made it possible to install the secondary circuit terminal units, without needing a further temperature adjustment, integrating the VB32 manifolds perfectly.

The pump unit is also equipped with a fixed-point thermostatic mixing valve that keeps the secondary circuit flow temperature constant by mixing the primary circuit flow and the secondary circuit return appropriately. For this reason, it is particularly suitable in radiant panel heating systems in which the temperature of the heat-carrier fluid must be kept within defined values before it can be transferred to the radiant panel circuits.

Installers’ experience

Modularity and easy of installation

“The product is pre-assembled and it can be mounted to the wall in a few minutes during the system installation phase thanks to the integral brackets, low weight and compact dimensions – confirms the installer. – The pump units are designed in accordance with a modular installation principle that allows several heating zones to be connected and are pre-assembled with the flow on the right and return on the left. Another important aspect that allows us to recommend Watts is the product’s reversibility, which means the flow directions can be reversed in a few simple steps.”

Modern and compact design

“The modern and compact design – continues the installer – allows the creation of systems of a high professional level, combining pump units and manifolds with a very similar structure. The installed products made it possible to perform a high quality job, not merely from the technical standpoint but also aesthetically.”

The customer habitually uses Watts equipment for underfloor heating installations: “The pump units are very reliable, efficient, and easy to install. They are the perfect solution for home heating and cooling in both new builds and in energy renovation projects.”



Catalonia, Spain, Llafranc/Begur/Pals in Girona


Residential Multi Family


March/April 2021