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Rea Robotics has been operating in the industrial automation sector for 30 years, with the aim of overcoming barriers, developing robotic systems and creating new application markets.
Given the high quality of its business, Rea Robotics has invested in innovative Watts products, namely the Watts Vision® system and boiler unit.

Detailed Description

Customised climate control

The Watts Vision® system has been installed at the REA Robotics production sites and offices, to guarantee the centralised control of all devices without tangible constraints, using the company's WiFi network. "A solution chosen because it can control the temperature of individual rooms, irrespective of the type of heating and cooling system installed", states Massimo Trevisan.

The BT-CT02 RF Series central unit with 4.3” high-resolution, capacitive touchscreen enables the RF control and management of the eleven BT-D03 RF Series thermostats and corresponding BT-WR02 RF Series receivers that control fan coils in office and production areas.

“The modern, compact design of the Watts Vision® system has made it easy to use the central unit, thermostats and regulators in all areas, facilitating overall control, and the local and remote monitoring of temperature regulation", continues Massimo Trevisan. "The products installed have produced a high-quality outcome, not just in technical terms, but also with regard to aesthetics”.

Comfort concealed in the circuit

Control, protection and safety features of the boiler unit
The boiler unit is the heart of the heating system, and it is essential to install products that ensure maximum safety and reliability, and guarantee improved energy management.
PASM DN50 and DN32 Series pump units, Flowbox HK and HKW50 , a hydraulic separator and dirt separator are installed in the boiler unit.

The pump and mixing units are the solution for ensuring the direct circulation of water in the heating and cooling system, facilitating fluid circulation in line with the requirements set by the thermostat.

The PASM Series can adjust the supply temperature of the fluid in the secondary circuit as a function of the external signal, because it is equipped with a 3-way mixing valve operated by a 3-point modulating electronic actuator. This model was installed in the boiler unit with climatic control where the supply temperature of the secondary circuit is modulated continually according to the system parameters.

The boiler unit also has temperature control and overheat thermostats that stop the temperature of the water on reaching set values, and pressure switches to ensure that the pressure in the boiler does not exceed the limit value (shut-off pressure switch) and does not drop below a certain value, hindering water vaporisation (minimum pressure switch). Fluid pressure is controlled via pressure gauges.

Installers' experience

Quick, modular installation
"The exceptional flexibility and modularity of the Watts Vision® system has enabled the use of various engineering solutions, and the introduction of new customised devices on site after initial installation, and even after starting plants", continues Massimo Trevisan.

“We are delighted because the installation is so easy that we have estimated a time saving of 10% to implement the system.”

The new heating systems need to operate continuously, be convenient to maintain, and have low management costs, and thanks to a high level of technical expertise, Watts provides a complete range of components that guarantee control and efficiency.

Quality, training and competitive prices

"The first time we used these products we realised that Watts combines the guarantee of a major producer with a competitive price, top-quality service and efficient work timescales", states Massimo Trevisan. "Quality technical products are provided in addition to effective after-sales support. In particular, we have been supported through training sessions and technical product courses.

Watts has developed a programme of online Lear&Earn courses, which combine technical know-how with the benefits offered by the new technologies.

Courses are organised into short modules lasting between 5 and 10 minutes, with the possibility of learning anywhere via tablet, mobile and PC. The platform has been designed to adapt to the time users have available."

Watts - a reliable partner

"My collaborators and I have discovered numerous benefits, especially during the installation phase", concludes Massimo Trevisan.

"The specific characteristics of systems produced by Watts, with quick implementation and convenient system installation, have optimised work procedures. Watts has proven to be a reliable partner from the start in managing domestic heating and cooling processes. The products are easy to install and ensure comfort and wellbeing on a daily basis."



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