ULTRAMIX in the CALYPSO fitness club network


Successful application of ULTRAMIX thermostatic valves in 16 fitness clubs in 9 Polish cities

Detailed Description

The mixing valves have been installed as part of the technical equipment of fitness clubs for several years and are intended to mix water in sanitary tapware.

Customer’s feedback: “We have been successfully installing Watts mixing valves at all our branches since 2017. We use two devices per gym: one in the women’s shower room and the second one in the gentlemen's shower room.

Your devices have been fitted due to their performance characteristics presented in the product data sheet. The most important deciding factor was a difference in pressure between CW / DHW because Calypso Fitness premises are mainly located in shopping malls. The second factor was the temperature gauge on the device, which allows even a layman to set the ideal temperature of water.

We successfully use it and will continue to do so.”


Poland, 9 Cities


Stadium, leisure parks …