Vision Configurator

Select system type
Heat / Cool Options
Do you need a seperate output for heating and cooling control?
Do you need dehumidification control per room?
System Details
If multiple radiators are in the same room, add thermostat to synchronize control
Do you need a wireless wall receiver? This is required if your boiler or heat pump cannot be wired to the connecting box.
Electric Heating
Select Central Unit (touchscreen)
Note: a touchscreen is required for some configurations. Enables remote control from Smartphone App for iOS and Android
Total thermostats required =
Select thermostat models
Add floor sensors?
Required for floor temperature control
Select light control / devices on/off
In addition to climate control, lighting and other devices can also be switched
*for hydronic systems with more than 6 thermostats per manifold, order a WFC-03 10 zone model instead of the 6 zone model.
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