Golf club on the way to climate neutrality


Installation of 10 balancing valves iDROSET® Series CF ¾", 1" and 1 ¼" for hydraulic balancing of the new heating system at the golf club.

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Replacing old oil heating

The renowned Reutlingen-Sonnenbühl Golf Club on the Swabian Alb has purchased a modern, CO2-neutral wood pellet heating system. The hydraulic balancing, which is so important for optimal operation, was built in with the static balancing valve iDROSET® Series CF from Watts Industries, Landau. In this way, the flow rate of the volume flow can be easily adjusted and precisely regulated via a display. The desired warmth comfort prevails in all rooms of the two golf club buildings. The operating costs are further reduced by a precisely regulated heating water distribution.

The golf club on the edge of the Swabian Alb biosphere area is on the way to becoming one of the first sports clubs with climate-neutral operation in the model country. With the installation of the wood pellet heating, the most important milestone has now been achieved. The only thing missing is the photovoltaic system that will soon be on the roof.

Replacing the 30-year-old, repair-prone boiler was a time-consuming and sweaty affair. But it was more than worth it. Instead of the previously chaotic hydraulics with ten mixers and two pump heating circuits, the new system now consists of a mixer heating circuit with the new iDROSET® Series CF balancing valve from Watts Industries, Landau. A total of ten of these ¾ ", 1" and 1 ¼ "sizes were installed.

Save time with hydraulic balancing

“Hydraulic balancing is extremely important,” explains installer Peter Weigelt, “so that certain volume flows are set in a branched hydraulic system and all radiators receive exactly the amount of heating water they actually need. In this way there is no over- or under-supply, it remains uniformly warm in all rooms”. The new static balancing valve from Watts makes hydraulic balancing work much easier and there are practically no more mistakes. "After its installation, which is very easy to do, the previously calculated volume flow can be set at lightning speed using a handwheel and the flow can be read in real time on a display without an additional measuring device," reports Weigelt. This reduces the effort involved in setting the volume flow from around 5 minutes to a few seconds per valve. The Series CF was quickly available from wholesalers, reports planner Steffen Schwab. The price-performance ratio is also great, as is the cost-benefit ratio.

High funding subsidy

In addition, the acquisition costs for the new heating system including the installation of the valve could be fully subsidized as part of the “Heating with Renewable Energies” funding program. With a total cost of 98,000 euros for the purchase and installation of the wood pellet heating, the golf club was able to receive a grant of 45 percent or 44,100 euros. In addition, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control is promoting hydraulic balancing in existing buildings or as part of heating optimization with 30 percent.
Property owners who commission hydraulic balancing can save up to 15 percent on heating costs. This also pays off in the golf club, where 50 to 70 people shower after tournaments and the numerous other rooms must be taken care of. "We now get heat from the renewable raw material wood and thus also make a contribution to environmental and climate protection," says Club President Matthias Eschle happily.


Germany, Reutlingen

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