When passion meets success: Watts gauges supporting road safety


TVR Italia is one of the world leaders in the sector for the manufacture and sale of tire pressure monitoring instruments.

More than thirty years have passed since Ordeo Vitali, who marketed tires in his life, decided that he wanted to be a manufacturer and realize his lifelong dream: to become a professional mechanic. Driven by his inexhaustible passion for motorbikes, starting from scratch and working in his spare time, he patented the first TRV system that included a Watts pressure gauge.

Ordeo devised a system to instantly check the tire pressure of stationary cars and motorbikes in a short time. From his garage, he gradually established himself first on the national and then international scene, becoming a leader in the sector and eventually producing these tools for other distributors.

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The main advantage of our collaboration with Watts - says Vitali Ordeo, founder of TVR Italia - is certainly the flexibility and the ability to respond promptly and personalized to all our requests over time in over 30 years of collaboration. Our products stand out on the market for their extreme precision and calibration, also and above all in contexts such as car or motorcycle racing, where speed and efficiency are the masters and the margin of error must be equal to zero.

Vitali continues “The clear, clean graphics and the detailed, easy-to-read analogue dial are certainly the two features that most impressed us about Watts products and which were also most appreciated by our customers. In particular, they have received such overwhelming approval that, together with the technical characteristics, they have allowed us to distinguish ourselves, becoming a leader in the sector at a global level.

Specifically, the product patented by Vitali consists of a Watts pressure gauge (model M1-100 0-4) with a comfortable grip and a protective rubber in different colours which make the instrument not only more attractive but also more resistant to shocks.

The 3 sizes available meet all customer needs.

In particular, TVR Italia professional pressure gauges are of high quality, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, and suitable for 100% satisfaction of the strict and specific requirements of use (high-level car and motorcycle races such as Formula 1 and Moto GP). The quality of the products is guaranteed and certified according to the best European standards.

Quality and precision have always been two distinctive features of Watts pressure gauges – comments Stefania Meli, Sales Engineer of Watts Italia, who has followed Vitali since the beginning of his adventure – knowing that our products find a place in fundamental applications for road safety makes us proud of our work. The close collaboration with TVR Italia has been fundamental in order to be able to supply them with a valid, madeto- measure product that meets all the requirements and high quality levels required by its sector: once again the proximity to the customer and the flexibility of solutions have allowed us to fully meet the challenges of a market that is increasingly evolving”.



Italy, Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)

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