Smart e-Ultramix® control of shower areas in a swimming pool


Two smart e-Ultramix® valves with controllers, installed in the technological room of a swimming pool, prepare hot water for ladies’ and men’s sanitary areas.

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Object parameters

  • The water surface area of the sports swimming pool: 400 m2
  • The water surface area of the recreational
  • swimming pool: 160 m2
  • The area of the building: 1 690 m2
  • The total area of the building: 4 422 m2


Two e-Ultramix® valves are located at the facility to ensure the supply of hot water mainly for showers in the sanitary part of the swimming pool. The temperature of 43 ° C is set on the controllers for the mixing valves of both parts of the building. The technical service uses controllers to control the temperature of the mixed water, etc.


Poland, Wołomin by Warsaw


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July 2021