Luxury living delivered by Watts products


Luxury residences and lifestyles demand carefully selected products precisely tailored to customers’ preferences. From grand mansions to high-end penthouses, these properties are characterised by their individual design and the use of premium products as part of their construction. Watts products are key in delivering luxury living at a new development in the UK.

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Perfectly balanced heating and hot water

The luxury country estate comprises multiple properties, each requiring reliable space heating and on demand hot water complimenting the lavish living surroundings.

Our Microflex, iDROSET and Powerseat® products have been selected to work alongside the bespoke heating system to deliver perfectly balanced heating that uses less energy with minimal heat loss in the pipework.

Microflex pre-insulated pipe is ideal for this type of project as it is flexible and durable. It helps to keep water at the same temperature as it travels from the heating source to the buildings and saves energy in the process, which is why it was identified as the ideal solution to deliver luxury living at the properties.

The iDROSET balancing valve’s advanced design and functionality ensure optimal hot water distribution, improving comfort and energy efficiency. By adjusting the flow rates in different heating zones, the valve helps maintain consistent temperatures and eliminates hot or cold spots within the house.

The Powerseat® Eco electro-hydraulic gas shut-off valve is a highly beneficial addition to these properties offering both efficiency and sustainability. It allows the control and safety shut-off of low-pressure combustible gases in pipes from 40mm to 250mm. A hydraulic pump keeps the shut-off valve open, forcing hydraulic fluid into a cylinder that drives the valve. It delivers reduced electricity running costs for homes by using just a fraction of the energy of permanently energised magnetic solenoid valves, around 6%.


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