Pneumatic actuator bar-agturn®automates Butterfly valves


Special ship application at a harbour in USA.

Automated valves of bar GmbH from Germany are acting reliable even very deep under water and in different positions when moving the dredging boom.

Детальний опис

There are two single acting pneumatic actuators bar-agturn® type GS-270 on DN500 butterfly valves on a dredging ship at a major shipping port. They are mounted on the dredging boom and when in operation they are more than 9 m under water. They are used for a bypass to the cutting head in case the cutting head clogs.

Voice of customer:

"There is a special and difficult situation in steady movement so the automated valves are in different positions at any time. As well we are facing more than 9 m under water what makes this application remarkable. The system works without failure and most reliable. Even to the matter that this is a bypass for the dredging boom we are glad to provide a compatible solution for a uncommon application.


Safe working pneumatic actuators of bar GmbH are managing every situation whenever the dredging boom is above or below water.

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United States, Ohio

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Морська та суднобудівна справа

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November 2020