Ultramix valves at Zakrzewscy Meat Plant


14 Ultramix valves installed in Europe's most state-of-the-art meat plant

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In July 2022, a new plant of the "Zakrzewscy" company was opened in Szczuczyn. It is the largest meat processing plant in the Podlaskie Province and one of the most state-of-the-art in Europe. Zakłady Mięsne "Zakrzewscy" is a family company established in 1994 by Dariusz and Janusz Zakrzewski, which today has become one of the leading Polish meat producers. The company is based in Kosów Lacki. The recently opened plant will slaughter and cut cattle. Ultimately, around 600 people will find work here, with different qualifications and education. This means that manual workers, managers and drivers will be employed here. Address: 19-230 Szczuczyn, Podlaskie Province Value of the project: PLN 8 million to 37 million The Polish beef processing has gained the most modern cutting plant in the country. The plant covers an area of 18,500 sqm. The assumed capacity on the slaughter line is to be 60 cattle per hour. The same capacity is to be achieved on the cutting line, as well as the quartering line. In designing the new plant, the company has focused on solutions aiming to reduce its impact on the environment, including by opting for cogeneration (a single process produces electricity and heat) and its own water intake, together with a water treatment plant and a sewage treatment plant. Ultrasonic technologies - hook washers and highly specialised sluices - are also used to ensure a high level of microbiological safety and produce top-quality products. In order to ensure hygiene on the system, mixing valves for hot water were designed and used. Ultramix in 1" diameter. A total of 14 units of the product, cat. no. TX93E37, were installed and delivered by WATTS INDUSTRIES Poland in January/February 2022


Poland, Szczuczyn

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July 2022