Watts announce KIWA Approval for OneFlow®


Watts Industries UK is delighted to announce to that our revolutionary scale prevention system OneFlow® range is now fully KIWA regulation 4 (KUKreg4) certified. This rigorous testing ensures that our OneFlow® products comply with Regulation 4 of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

As our customers know, for all water installations in the UK, the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 need to be complied with and specifically Regulation 4 for water components. Products that conform to this can be approved by either KIWA or WRAS who both use rigorous testing processes. With this new approval, our OneFlow® range is fully compliant with regulation 4.

OneFlow® delivers unrivalled home protection from scale formation but without the high costs of traditional water filtration methods. Managing calcium scale in pipes and plumbing equipment as well as maintaining appliances is an ongoing challenge in hard water areas across the UK. Not only can calcium scale increase energy costs, but it can also lead to expensive repairs.

Juliana Paradello, Watts UK OneFlow® champion said: “Hard water causes issues for customers of ours across the UK. This new KUReg4 approval for OneFlow® means that when our customers choose our scale prevention system they can do so with confidence that it will solve their hard water problems while meeting Regulation 4.”

Jonathan Price, KIWA said: “KIWA approval for OneFlow® gives Watts customers confidence in this product and ensures that it meets their regulatory needs. We have been testing several Watts products for Reg 4 approval and we are proud to award this certification to OneFlow®.”

For more information about OneFlow® or our other KUKreg4 approved products, call us on 01480 407074 or email [email protected]