Watts announce new collaboration with Fountain Filters


Watts Industries UK is excited to announce a new Water Quality Product Partnership between Watts and Fountain Filters. Fountain Filters specialises in improving the taste, smell and colour of the water coming out of the taps in homes, offices, or business premises.

With over 50 years of experience in water conditioning and water treatment systems, Watts is known as a worldwide leader in the water quality industry. Fountain Filters is a recognised industry leader in filtration products and a key supplier of our water conditioning range of products, including our innovative OneFlow® which delivers unrivalled home protection from scale formation, as well our filtration and ultraviolet water treatment systems.

Our collective dedication to quality products and excellent customer satisfaction makes this new collaboration great news for Watts’ customers as they can call on the expertise of the Fountain Filters team to find the right filtration products for their next water project.

Kerry Harris, Sales Leader Watts UK and Automation, said: “Fountain Filters are industry leaders and are highly respected for their water filtration expertise.

By working alongside Fountain Filters, we can be sure that our customers will always find the right Watts product for their filtration challenges. We are excited about the possibilities that this partnership presents and look forward to working closely with Fountain Filters.”

“Simon Allen, Fountain Filters said: “Watts are globally recognised for their innovative water products, and we are the biggest seller of their OneFlow® filtration product.

This partnership will give both our customers fast access to the products they need and give us the opportunity to share our extensive water filtration knowledge with even more customers across the UK.”