Safeguarding water supply for 700,000 people


With over 50 years of experience in water conditioning and water treatment systems, Watts is known as a worldwide leader in the water quality industry. We supplied our SOCLA products to a ground-breaking project to design, build, install, and commission the UK’s largest ceramic membrane filtration plant.

Detailed Description

Water utility companies are responsible for providing safe and clean drinking water to the public and maintaining the quality of that water. In addition to protecting public health, maintaining safe water quality is essential to prevent contaminated water from harming aquatic ecosystems and wildlife.

The new waterworks are vital to supply clean water to the region’s population. With an investment of £57 million, this project aimed to increase the capacity of the water treatment works and introduce advanced filtration technologies to secure the supply of high-quality water.

The project incorporates our SOCLA Sylax butterfly valves, BAR AGTURN actuators and 402 non-return valves in cast iron and stainless steel, to achieve the project’s objectives effectively.

SOCLA butterfly and check valves were identified for this project for their capacity to meet the technical challenges of the plant. The plant sources water from a reservoir approximately two miles northwest of the site. This reservoir is replenished by the river intake pumps within the intake building directly adjacent to the river.





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