Microflex big project in Považská Bystrica


30 single-family houses and one multi-family building

Детальний опис

A large pre-insulating pipe system project included building of 30 family houses and 1 block of flats.
All the distribution heating system was designed with different pre-insulating pipe system, but the contractor decided to use the WATTS Microflex system.
Watts / OHRIEVACIA TECHNIKA offered attractive prices and a comprehensive delivery of the system in three stages. It were together three big deliveries in period time of 12/2022-02/2022. It was installed the complete boiler room with pellet boilers (Boiler room with ETA boilers 2 x 350 kW supply heating medium to all houses) with the Microflex pre insulating pipe system. In the project were used 4 inspection chambers. Apart pipes and 4 chambers were installed also other system accessories of Microflex System (fixing points, wall seals, etc).


Slovakia, Považská Bystrica

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