Watts Electronics

Watts Electronics, a branch of Watts Water Technologies, aims at a major position on the European market and over the world as a supplier of HVAC* electronics systems and solutions such as thermostats and IoT ecosystems.

Our two production sites combine a high level of innovative technology and an excellence in design with its integrated Research and Development team in France and its main production in Tunisia.
*Heating –Ventilation – Air-Conditioning

Your OEM’s Partner

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Watts Electronics offers its 30 years of know-how in developing electronics solutions to OEM customers, from idea or specifications to a tailor-made product design via product development up to the manufacturing and technical support.
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The close partnership relation to our OEM customers is one of the pillars for the success of multiple projects we achieved in Europe. A high degree of quality and innovation maintains a long-term partnership with our customer's thanks to the dedicated WATTS electronics OEM team.

Key Figures

500k product made per month on 2500 manufactured references

Application specialist for multiple purposes

  • IoT Connected Products and Cloud App
  • Electrical Floor Heating, Electrical Panel Heater
  • Water Floor Heating
  • Renewable Energies
  • Fan Coil, Air Conditioning, Ventilation
  • Energy Metering
  • Boilers and Heat pumps
  • ...and more
Сontact us: [email protected]
Headquarters, in Rosières, Haute-Loire, France
R&D, Test lab, short series production 150 People on 5000m²
Production Site, in Monastir, Tunisia
440 People on 8000m²