Heat Pump Solutions

The selection of the proper heating system and components is important for the efficiency of a heat pump. Make your choice together with WATTS

Installation of Heat Pumps
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What are the key elements
for a Heat Pump?

Microflex® HP: The connection pipe from the external HP unit to the building

It’s a key step where the heat loss can be important if the pipe doesn’t fit with key features. In addition the Heat Pump outdoor unit cannot be installed anywhere: it must not disturb the neighbours by its operating noise, to optimize its performance it is recommended to choose a location

The programmable thermostats and home automation system

It is recognized that the use of a thermostat allows energy savings of up to 25% of the overall consumption. How it’s works: It is necessary to set two temperatures. The set temperature, also called comfort temperature (the desired room temperature), and the reduced temperature, called ECO temperature.

The hydronics components of the heating network

WATTS designs and produces also complete solutions for hydronic heating : push-fit manifolds, micro-motors to control each zones of your heating network, connecting box to control your Under Floor Heating and Cooling system

The antipollution device (CA backflow)

The Heat Pump is connected to the main water supply. The heating water is not potable. The regulation request a non-controllable backflow preventer CA type in order to protect the drinking water supply system against pollution

The filter (magnetic filter)

The magnetic filter retains particles and impurities that could enter the heating circuit. The WATTS magnetic dirt separator WSS type remove sludge and impurities

The pressure gauges manometer

The mechanical manometer checks the pressure in the heating circuit. They are essential to check to pressure level and check the correct functioning of the whole system.

The balancing valve

The user-friendly iDROSET valve use a new patented technology by WATTS, that allows to set and read instantly the flow rate on site without the requirement of special tools.

Pump groups

Compact pump unit unmixed heating circuits. Simple wall mounting with only one screw. Concealed cable routing behind insulation. Incl. wall bracket and fastening.

Heat Pump,how it works?

Extracts the heat from the outside air and transfers it inside your home

The heat pump is a device that operates using one or more units. A refrigerant flows through a circuit, captures the heat from the air in an evaporator. The temperature of the liquid increases and passes into the gaseous state. A compressor increases its temperature, which a condenser drops. Heat transfer occurs to the part of the dwelling to be heated.

Once again liquid, the refrigerant passes through a pressure reducer where its pressure drops. Then the cycle begins again.

But the Heat Pump can work properly only if some key accessories are implemented.

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