Delivering excellent water quality for the safe transportation of live fish


Whether it’s a small boat or a large vessel, the global fish industry relies on the safe and humane transportation of fish to ensure that it arrives at the destination port in the best condition. For this project, Watts supplied bare shafted butterfly valves and check valves to control the waterflow in the ship’s live fish carrier tanks.

Detailed Description

Live fish carriers rely on excellent water quality

Live fish carriers are designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for the fish during transit. The fish are carried in tanks that are carefully monitored to ensure that the water quality is maintained at optimal levels, which is crucial for the health and survival of the fish. These types of carriers are used across the fish industry by commercial fish farms, fisheries, and fish hatcheries to transport live fish to markets or other locations for further cultivation or sale.

Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) systems are used onboard fishing vessels to preserve large catches of fish in the tanks. It is an effective and cost-saving method of preserving the catch until offloading ashore or further processing onboard. This technology requires the use of complex valves, pumps and piping systems to operative effectively.

Bare shafted SOCLA butterfly valves and check valves were selected for this project for their reliability and the ability of the SOCLA team to deliver the exact valves to successfully meet the technical challenges of both the vessel and the complexity of the tank.





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